Joaquin Torres García


Joaquin Torres García is credited with introducing Constructivism to South America through his artwork, publications, and teachings. Throughout his career he published over 36 writings dedicated to theoretical discussions about different art movements, painted 13 murals, and spread his knowledge by teaching to the future generations of artists. He was a traveler most of his life, spending 40 of his 75 years in Europe and the United States. He struggled with his finances most of his life causing in multiple relocations until he finally returned to his hometown where he could teach everything that he had learned. He opened up his own workshop to spread his message. As the father of Latin American Constructivism, he introduced Cubism, Neoplasticism, and Constructivism to Uruguay through his magazine ‘Circles and Squares’. Throughout his life he exhibited next to famous artists such as, Picasso, van Doesburg, Mondrian, and Duchamp. Across Europe this innovative artist is considered a master of art, but in North America his extraordinary accomplishments are not as well-known. This successful teacher, painter, and author has inspired the next generation of artists through his complete devotion to art.