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China outflows

Outflows from China have been quite severe through September. There are indications however that the figures in October are materially better.



China slowdown that has been underway for four years and has been underestimated, especially by commodity producers who had over-extrapolated growth rates at the peak.

perspectives croissance Chine


Turning to China, Credit Suisse shows us which nations are most impacted by China’s devaluation – both as competitors as well as exporters to China.


Here is why some argue China will not go through with a significant devaluation. A weaker yuan increases the debt burden on China’s firms who borrowed in dollars.

China debts


The nasty equity market rout continues: the Shanghai Composite gave up over 7% yesterday, down 19% since June-11th.


China’s FX reserves fell by $113bn in Q1 of this year.