Mission statement:

Our objective at ATF is to inform professional athletes, artists, agents, financial advisors and wealth managers on the unique benefits of Art investing and to promote Art as an asset class since it reduces risks in an investment portfolio without reduction in expected returns.


In the same way athletes and entertainers work with agents to help manage and optimise their careers, we work with our clients as their personal advisor to help them decide which Art and artists to invest in.


We work closely with our clients so they can invest with emotion and collect what they love whilst using advanced financial techniques and rigorous price estimates to help them make intelligent purchases that will appreciate overtime.

Budget and art types:

Although we promote the inclusion of modern art pieces in a portfolio because of the strong benefits it provides, we can also recommend the acquisitions of works from a number of gifted contemporary artists to cater for all budgets and make this service accessible to all athletes and entertainers seeking to create a new collection or to improve an existing one.