The international team

Maria Rodrido Azorin

Maria Rodrido Azorin

Financial Advisor Spanish - French - English - Italian

Based in Geneva – Marketing and Economics – Financial Advisor

Borned in Valencia, Spain in 1970. Maria graduated in Marketing and Economics at ESIC University in Valencia, has a diploma from La Sorbonne Paris in International Commerce and Marketing.

She has gathered more than 20 year of professional experience working all the time in the financial sector for various international stock broker companies.
The combination of her easy going character, full determination and her self motivation makes out of her a great asset in the international business development of the company.

Professional experience:

Privilege. ( Genève, Suisse) Brokerage Firm:
Back-Office Officer.

SuisseInvest. (Barcelona, España):
Money Management.

Global Investment (Mexico D.F.):
Market Analytics Departement.

Formula Investment (Milano, Italy)
ICD France. (Paris):
Customer Desk.

Ilan Brant

Ilan Brant

Partner Hebrew - English

Business developer – Analytical knowledge – Strategy analyst – Excellent marketing cognition – Creativity and expression

ILAN BRANT, Partner in Art Trading and Finance, born in Israel, commenced his diverse career 23 years ago in the advertising industry as an art director in agencies such as McCann, Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam, Foote, Cone & Belding, Interpublic and others. After 13 years, Brant shifted his career to economics, yet, keeping his passion to design and art.

In 2007, he successfully represented the Hungarian OTP Bank Group in Israel, offering real-estate projects financing to companies. During the years, Brant continued and deepen his activities in Budapest, consulting to various industries from real-estate to clean-tech. In the recent years, Brant expanded his focus on Startups, connecting the proven Israeli cognition with great Hungarian Concepts. Currently, he is taking part in two startups. Brant is cooperating closely with the Hungarian embassy in Israel, assisting with developing the relationship between Israel and Hungary based on business.
By choosing to be part of AT&F, Brant carries through his passion for art with the opportunity to implement it investment means. 

Naef Ba

Naef Ba

Global Head of Sports and Entertainment English - French

Based between Geneva and London – Sports Marketing Professional

NAËF BA is a sports marketing expert currently based between Geneva and London, whose international career spans over 15 years.

He held several positions at Nike in the Netherlands, in France and more recently in the UK where he successfully set and led the Cross-Category sports marketing strategy, whilst also developing partnerships and managing relationships with many professional athletes, clubs and federations.

Since 2003, Naëf has worked to deliver service excellence to athletes internationally and to bringing value to their careers.

As the Global Head of Sports & Entertainment at Art Trading & Finance, he continues to pursue the same objective by providing athletes with innovative and diversified solutions that focus on wealth preservation and capital growth. 

Pierrette Sigg

Pierrette Sigg

Business Development Manager French - English - Italien

Based in Geneva – Luxury and Real Estate – Business Development Manager


Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Pierrette is a versatile person who has acquired her professional experience in various sectors, ranging from banking, advertising, insurance, developing customer networks of various sports and wellness organizations, as well as the sale of luxury and commercial real estate for her own real estate company. Enterprising, sociable and engaging, Pierrette uses her talent of communication and networking by collaborating with ATF to connect the real estate sector with the art sector in order to develop the French and Italian market. 

Arturo Quispe Valle

Arturo Quispe Valle

Financial Art Advisor French - Italian - Spanish - English - Portuguese

Based in Geneva – Swiss Foundations Network – Financial art adviser


Born in Peru, he pursued studies in Biology and Business Administration in Italy and Switzerland. His professional background has allowed him to develop a solid network in the field of NGOs and Swiss foundations, particularly in fundraising where good interpersonal skills are essential. Following the saying “it is not enough to do good, it must still be done well”, he completes his expertise by adding the world of art and finance to his portfolio.  


Wojciech Hanusek

Wojciech Hanusek

Business Developement - Relationship Manager French - English - Polish - German - Russian

Based in Geneva – In charge of our Business Development and our expansion of our network in Switzerland and Eastern Europe

Wojciech graduated from Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. During his studies he was a member of Geneva University Investment Club as well as Head of ‘Financials’ Departament of that Club. Passionate by event’s organisation, he was leading several projects and organised events in different fields such as business, leadership, negotiation and communication often with the presence of world’s best speakers.

He is a certified trainer of public speaking including sales in front of a big auditorium.

He runs his own Business Development and Support Company encouraging individuals to discover entrepreneurial spirit and helping companies to develop their strategies and find new clients, especially abroad. For this purpose he uses his international experience, as well as project and event management expertise.

His particular interests are politics, philosophy and history as well as new technologies and innovation.

Nada El Helou

Nada El Helou

Chargée d'Affaires French - English - Arabic

Based between Beirut and Paris – Economics Architecture – Chargée d’Affaires

Franco-Lebanese, Master of Building and Town Planning Engineer coupled with a Master in Economics Architecture in Paris, multicultural background has been exposed to different countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia, which enrich her open-mindedness competence and develop her passion, her love of Art.

– She started her career in France with a large engineering consultancy firm as quality manager of large construction projects and with a big renowned French interior designer specializing in the decoration of luxury hotels around the world as contract manager responsible for budget estimate of all his decoration projects (fixed decorations and FF & E including Artworks).
– In Lebanon she works as PR counselor under the authority of the government for the support on strategies for promoting investment in all sectors and to put a program on attracting Lebanese economic diaspora.
– On 2011 she created her own company in Africa ACI “Afric Consulting Engineering” and has set up several cultural exchange and other development projects.
– She acquired an experience in economic and cultural diplomacy from her husband he was an Ambassador (passed away) who has a particular passion of Art.
– Consultant with United Nations on studies development project in Lebanon.
– Participated to several private and public Art exhibitions in Seoul, Paris and Sao Paulo not only to appreciating Art but to practicing it and spreading it as well as assisting to many international seminars on economic intelligence, speaker at seminars on developing communication tools and marketing strategies and attended several conferences as Mediterranean week of economic leaders and other. 

Angelo Paratico

Angelo Paratico

Executive Vice President English - Italian

Based in Hong Kong – Historian-Author of several books on Art and on History – In charge of the developpement of our network in Asia

Angelo Paratico, born in Milan, Italy, spent the last 35 years travelling in China, Indonesia and the Philippines while maintaining his home and office in Hong Kong. He is an expert in textile – even providing expertise for turn-key factories – but with a passionate background in the Western Classics as well as in Oriental Art.

Angelo has been a correspondent for several Italian newspapers and he is the author of several published books, in Italian, Chinese and English, dealing with Art and History, as well as novels. His website is but here is a short summary of his books:

-Rendiconto Giovanile published by Besana Editions in 1980. A collection of poetry in Italian composed while in Gdansk, Poland, where he managed to catch one of the last trains out before the Soviet inspired blockade of the Country.
-History of Castano Primo. From Gallic Times up to the year 1900 published in 1982 by the the Castano Primo Town’s City Council. Angelo had to comb archives and documents to trace events and people long forgotten.
– Un Manuale per Uomini Superiori, the Lun Yu also known as The Analects of Confucius by B&B in Hong Kong in 1993.
-The Karma Killers Biblioteca delVascello, 2003, Rome. A novel set in China and Hong Kong, based on an ancient legends about the possible voyage to India and Tibet by Jesus during his 18 years absence from the Four Gospels.
-Black Hole Mursia, 2008, Milan. A science-fiction thriller which caused a stir in Italy when it was released just a few months before the switching on of the LHC at the CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Starting with researches on sub-atomic particle physic Angelo created a credible eschatological scenario leading the world straight into St. John’s Apocalypse.
-Ben Mursia, 2010, Milan. A bondesque novel based on borderline historical facts – concerning the last days of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.
-Nero. An Exemplary Life by Girolamo Cardano, Inkstone Books, 2012, Hong Kong. The first English translation from Latin of an original book first published in Basel in the year 1562 under the title of Neronis Encomium.
-Five Centuries of Italians in Hong Kong and Macau, 1513 – 2013 by the Italian Consulate of Italy in Hong Kong in the year 2014. With an introduction by the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano.
-Writing First by B39 Publishers, 2015, Hong Kong. A collection of historical essays, previously published on the web.
-Leonardo Da Vinci. A Chinese Scholar Lost in Renaissance Italy Lascar Publishing, 2015, Hong Kong. An original take on Leonardo – which provoked a craze & a true storm on newspapers, blogs, radio, TV stations around the world and will be soon translated into Italian and Chinese.
-The Dew of Heaven his latest work will be released in the Spring of 2016 in the US. It is a historical novel based on Italy’s intervention in China during the Boxer revolution of 1900 and the discovery of Mongolia’s Holy Grail: Gengis Khan’s trident, said to contain the warrior’s soul, which disappeared around 90 years ago from the Shankh lamasery of Ovorkhangai Aimag, in Western Mongolia.

Angelo’s joining the AT & F team is seen by him as his greatest achievement and his way to live from within the salvific power of beauty, which, as we all know, will save the world.

Hanan Said

Hanan Said

Special Advisor for the Middle East French - English - Arabic - Spanish

Based in Geneva and Dubai – Graduated from Geneva Business School – In charge of developpment of our network in the Middle East – Key Clients relation for Switzerland and Middle East

After having graduated, with Honors, with a double major in Business Management and Psychology, from Webster University, she started her career as a Consultant at the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, 3rd in ranking worldwide for Business Schools and Law, she was hired to solve inevitable cross-cultural issues from international mergers and acquisitions during the Madrid’s economic boom.

She then founded her own Real Estate Investment Company covering the UAE market, providing Investment and Advisory Services. Building the bridge between foreign investors and the local Development companies.

She then acted in Geneva, as Consultant in Marketing Strategy, Strategic Business planning, providing services such as market analysis and expansion, Budget planification and monitoring for International companies, providing business opportunities for the Gulf region with companies residing in London, Paris, New York, Dubai and Geneva. She also collaborated with the Presidential Department of the State of Geneva.

Having lived in an artist environment and in the most famous Art cities, London, Paris, Madrid, New York –Dubai, and travelled across the globe, she kept track of the trends and developments in the global art market, and, in particular, the Middle Eastern Art market which experiences a real boom at this stage.

She believes the Art world in the Gulf region is becoming a major player in the Art market worldwide.

Gokhan Yuzbasioglu

Gokhan Yuzbasioglu

Senior Sales Manager Turkish - English - Spanish


Based in London – Economics – Senior Sales Manager

Mr. Yuzbasioglu began his career in 1995 in Istanbul as Managing Partner at Danismanlik, which was among the first high volume FX trading firms in Turkey.

Four years later, Mr. Yuzbasioglu moved to Privilege in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was a shareholder and was responsible for business development.In keeping with is international career history, Mr. Yuzbasioglu then moved to Mexico City, where he was Director of Business Development at Grupo Argentis SA, opening new offices across Mexico, and in other regions in Latin America including Venezuela, Chile and Brazil.

Returning to Istanbul in November 2008, Mr. Yuzbasioglu was appointed Head of FX and CEO of ODL Securities’ Turkish operations, before joining FXDD.
Four years at FXDD ensued, with Mr. Yuzbasioglu being appointed Director of Sales for Turkey in 2012 in New York.

In August 2015, Mr. Yuzbasioglu joined IKON Finance Ltd in London, where he was Head of Global Sales, a position which he left this month to join Matador Prime, signaling a return to the Big Apple to be based at Matador Prime’s offices in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street.

Educated at Istanbul University, Mr. Yuzbasioglu graduated in 1994 with a Batchelor’s degree in Economics. 

Timothy P. Henderson

Timothy P. Henderson

Business Development Manager (Thailand) English - Thai

Based in Bangkok – International Studies and Experience – Business Development Manager (Thailand)

Born in the UK but currently based in Bangkok, Tim has been involved in running his own creative agency and charity. His international experience comes from his Master’s in International Studies from The School of Oriental of African Studies as well as having studied and worked in London, Paris, Beijing and Bangkok. 

Piyavipa Indradat

Piyavipa Indradat

Business Development Manager (Thailand) English - Thai

Based in Bangkok – Fashion Brand Management – Marketing Communications

Piyavipa has a Master’s in Fashion Brand Management from the Istituto Marangoni and is currently completing her PHD in Marketing Communications from The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

She has vast experience in the fashion industry and has run her own PR company and bar/creative space.