Art Trading & Finance hosted the exhibition of Ahlam Shalabi, a Lebanese born Saudi / Swiss artist, in their loft offices on the 2nd of June 2016. Banque BNP Paribas sponsored the exhibition. Two Large paintings and eighteen limited edition prints were presented to a select audience of over fifty people. Michel Santi introduced the artist, her technique and her influences.


Ahlam is an acknowledged artist who has been painting rigorously for over 25 years. She exhibits in Dubai, Geneva and France and has been spotlighted in two documentary films, each focusing on distinguished women in the Gulf.

Initially influenced by the impressionist period she transitioned into abstract interpretation. Over the last ten years, she has primarily painted on large canvases exceeding 2 x 2 meters; the largest of which measures over 6 x 1.60 meters. She works with watercolor, china ink, oil and acrylic and interprets themes of still life, landscapes, nudes and more. She is inspired by women’s challenges as well as political and environmental concerns that affect the world. Several of her paintings that depict these issues include “Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown”, “Arab Spring I”, and “Arab Spring II”. For more please refer to the artist’s website:


Ahlam has been recognized for her gift for blending colors and graceful brush strokes. To reveal the hidden beauty of her larger art pieces she developed the technique of high fidelity photographic amplification of micro sections of details contained within her larger pieces. Through this new technique that she developed, she reveals the hidden beauty of the deep colors, unique brush strokes and otherwise makes her “oversize” paintings accessible as limited editions to a larger audience, including art collectors. She introduced this new technique for the first time at her solo exhibition at Art Trading & Finance in Geneva ( The success of that exhibition confirmed the public appreciation of her new concept.

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