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1. Joan-Miro-1978

“My dream, once I am able to settle down somewhere, is to have a very large studio,” the Spanish artist Joan Miró wrote in 1939, while at the time was working in small studios in Paris. This dream of a large studio would be realized in….

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Art – is it a good investment?

Yes indeed, and Art Trading & Finance is now promoting art as an asset class. The company was founded last year by seasoned financial professionals and offers to its clients art portfolios tailored to all budgets and tastes.In fact, it is…

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An artwork billed as a 19th-Century “Continental School” painting and valued at just $500 to $800 broke free of that price range and raced to a final bid of $870,000 last year. The oil on board, Triple Portrait with Lady Fainting, was offered by Bloomfield, New Jersey auction house. In cases where experts are unsure they can support…

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1. Les Femmes D'alger

Christie’s November postwar and contemporary art day sales in New York included over 300 lots of works by artists that included Jeff Koons, Alexander Calder and Andy Warhol and totaled just under $89 million. The same for Sotheby’s, whose November contemporary day sales totaled $98 million. What did it take to make it into the top 10 this year? Well, it certainly helped if the lot were ….

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1. création Adam

The art world has felt the influence of the Golden Ratio for centuries. Also known as the Golden Section or the Divine Proportion, this mathematical principle is an expression of the ratio of two sums whereby their ratio is equal to …

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Francis Bacon lived to extravagant extremes. His drunken excesses in Soho; his ruinous generosity; the occasion on which, as a teenager, his father found him wearing his mother’s underwear and beat the living daylights out of him – all this is almost as celebrated as his riotously tortured paintings. It was that early beating by his father to which Bacon attributed his taste for…

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Calder studio

“I paint shapes”, used to say Calder, who devoted his first attentions to painting. And yet, later that decade, he transitioned to explorations in sculpture, creating his first wire piece in 1926. This interest then developed into a full-fledged performance piece, entitled Cirque Calder, a multi-act and multi-media production that even included small-scale mechanical sculpture. This performance, which Calder would continue in different venues over the next several years, celebrated Calder’s specific fascination with

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2. Signature_de_Mozart

Sotheby’s boosted the size of its credit facility nearly three times this summer, to about $1.34 billion, so that the most profitable business at auction house Sotheby’s is its finance arm. Those borrowings will enable Sotheby’s ……

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Matta. Morphologie Psyhologique

The demolition of the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001 was the most dramatic example of a wave of iconoclasm in Afghanistan that left no museum immune from looting. Today, with ISIS targeting and destroying ancient cultural sites in Syria and Iraq, it may be that views of these historic structures will survive only in photographs. The Getty Research Institute recently announced its acquisition of a suite of photographs that offer rare glimpses of …

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