The product of this activity, or the idea of it, is deliberately directed to the senses, to the emotions, to intuition and to intellect…

Diversification of investment. Heritage transmission. Acquisition at competitive prices. Aesthetic. The pleasure of owning beautiful works of art.
Expertise among some artists. Expertise among certain geographical regions. Opening to countries and / or very promising continents. Consistency of the collections. Support in the negotiation process. Obtaining financing at very competitive rates.
Customer Banking: promoting art as an asset class. Bank own account: acquisition of works of art and decoration of their public spaces. Conference given to customers to present the art market.
Creation or improvement of theme museums. Enhancement of their own private collection. Acquisition of works of art at the best price for the public heritage.
Creation or improvement of municipal museums. Installation in the public spaces of sculptures intended to raise the identity of the municipality.
Finishing touches to the architect's work through the installation of paintings and sculptures in public spaces in keeping with the theme of the building.
Advice and acquisition of works of art in accordance with the theme and guidelines of the hotel, in order to decorate rooms and public spaces. Occasional exhibition of artists in cultural events to attract a high-end clientele. High-end auction organization to attract a specific clientele.
Acquisition and advice of works of art, for any profile art collector, for delivery of turnkey property.
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