Today it is accurate to say that Art reduces risk in an investment portfolio without reduction in expected returns. Art must be considered as an independent asset class and should consequently be included within a balanced asset allocation. Art has become a well-known asset thanks to the existence of indexes that compile more than a century worth of data and sale records providing quantitative assessments.

There are several important benefits to owning and enjoying fine artworks:

  • Art strongly contributes to the preservation of wealth for yourself and your heirs.
  • Art offers a unique medium and long-term yield.
  • Art has outperformed other asset classes during all of the wars of the 20th century and during the last 27 recessions.
  • Art protects you against future inflation, currency devaluation and currency war.
  • Art is transportable and can be safely stored and shown.
  • In an ultra-low or negative interest rate environment, with overvalued global equity, bond markets and chronic pension fund shortfalls, fine Art is drawing the attention of institutional investors seeking greater non-correlated returns on capital.