Why invest with us


  • We can discover exceptional works which have never been shown at auction for our client investors.
  • We negotiate the best prices for our clients via privileged agreements with galleries and private sellers.
  • We help our clients in the selection and purchase process of fine artworks unsold at auction which have substantial long-term appreciation potential.
  • We obtain the best prices for those works our clients wish to sell.
  • We maintain exclusive relationships with major global auction houses and prestigious galleries in New York, Miami, Paris and Hong Kong.
  • We have developed a network of experts who authenticate our clients’ artworks.
  • We choose the best insurers and transport companies and obtain preferential rates.
  • If necessary, we have your artworks restored by internationally recognized experts.
  • Our Managing Director, Michel Santi, will personally assist you in creating or building your Art collection using his vast financial and Art expertise as well as his strong negotiating skills. He has 30 years of experience as a leading asset manager in Switzerland.
  • We evaluate and bring consistency to your current collection.
  • Using our exclusive global connections, we will place your works on loan for exhibition by museums. This exposure will significantly increase their market value.
  • We will purchase all available literature and exhibitions catalogs pertaining to your Art works in order to build their pedigree and increase their market value
  • Buy the work you love at the best price thanks to our experienced eye and negotiating skills. We will take care of having the works delivered to your home or placing them in a secure location registered in your name


Art Trading & Finance   is uniquely positioned to help today’s art investor decide what Art and artists to invest in. Our global financial expertise in conjunction with our own Art collecting and investing experience give us an unparalleled capability to steer our clients in the right direction.

Art Trading & Finance   is not a mutual fund or a hedge fund. We are Art collectors and investors who offer our advisory services to assist and represent you in the most transparent manner possible.

All money transfers take place directly between your bank account and the account of the private seller, the gallery or the auction house.

We propose to work with you as partners to jointly establish your new Art collection or enhance your existing collection.